Radio Greats: WCBS-FM Remembers Murray The K | 1992

Murray The K 1010 New York WINS

More in our series honoring Murray the K.

This only runs about 10 minutes long but you get a good idea about what Murray Kauffman’s show was all about. Son Peter Altchuler is interviewed about mid-way through this aircheck and comments briefly about his father’s career. Listen carefully to Ronnie Spector’s long comment’s about Kauffman’s career. Did you realize that a handful of these huge NYC DJs took their shows to the stage as an act? How many jocks today could be creative enough to create their own Broadway-type show? And one wonders what happened to radio? Listen to this. It’s truly a fascinating look at a man who really fashioned the early days of AM top 40 radio, and unfortunately we only get 10 minutes, cut off in the middle of Ronnie Spector’s comments.

Thanks Ray Bozzanca for the donation!

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  1. Don Adamo

    Excellent clip. I remember Murray on all the stations. He also was on NBC’s Monitor. WOR-FM should have been his final home, but it was not to be. The personalities that station had in 1966-67 would have lived on and on had it not been for Bill Drake and his modernistic ideas. Murray was a true class act. I also remember him on WMCA later on. He was there a couple of times. I recall reading that Scott Muni was at Murray’s funeral, which sadly was sparsely attended, if the information I read was correct.

    • Tony B

      The clip was great, I listened to Murry everyday. I went to most of his shows. I went to one Record Review at Sterns in NY on 42nd street, Tony Orlando was there and he sang Bless You. What a legend. I remember an article in the Daily News about Murry after he had died. I sent the article to his son. He thanked me. I asked him, why there was never a book or movie about his life. He said there wasn’t any interest. I can not understand, the world should know about the fifth Beatle, the man who started submarine race watching( still have my card). I am now a friend of New York’s Cousin Brucie, and he and Murry are what Rock and Roll is all about. Long live rock and roll, long live Murry the K.

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