Russ Oasis, 940 WINZ Miami | 1976

940 AM Miami, WINZ

Russ Oasis

…Everyone Wins on WINZ

Contributor and subject of this short, self telescoped aircheck, Russ Oasis, sheds a bit of light on WINZ:

In 1976, Dick Casper (formerly of Y-100) lured me away from WMYQ, with promises of a huge promotional budget, big salaries, and plenty of advertising. The pitch was that they were going to take a powerful AM and make it sound like an FM. That lasted about 20 minutes until they flipped it all- news. My guess is that it was simply a pitch to bring some jocks in, just to keep the station on the air until they could get their all news programming in place. I never listened to my airchecks from WINZ because I had always thought of it as a mistake I made in station moves. Upon reviewing and digitizing some old tapes I gave this a listen and felt that at least I gave it my best on the air. Take a listen.

Miami is one of those radio markets which adapted to FM rather early. So it was, by 1976, most of the market’s AM stations were flipping to either nostalgia or some form of talk programming, as our Contributor alludes to. This is an excellent sounding aircheck. It was scoped down and cleaned up by Russ Oasis himself.

To listen, click the BIG BLUE BUTTON below.

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  1. Jeff Adams

    Nice sound and good board!
    I suspect the Cuban interference was starting to cut in on the AM and the flatness allowed for those FM signals to travel further than they do now in an empty band.

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