Sample: KLZR Lawrence KS | December 5, 1999

1059 The Lazer KLZR Lawrence

Date of Recording: 12.05.1999
Station: 105.9 KLZR Lawrence, Kansas, USA
Format: CHR
Airchexx Entry: 1,455

The New Music Channel, 1059 The Lazer


This one actually ranks pretty low on our list of classic Top 40 stations – given 15 years as a benchmark classic. It would be easy to say a combination of lousy music, loud and ponderous imaging and a jock who only gives his first name renders this virtually unlistenable to people over 40. But that would be too harsh. Younger people actually think of this as classic CHR, but if you think this is really recent, realize that it was recorded 17 years ago. Times certainly have changed.

The format is CHR, but were it not for the overwhelming presence of 1999 Boy Bands and bubblegum pop, the format itself as its imaged reeks of the then emerging Modern AC format, except for Modern AC was nearly all Adult Alternative Rock and this is not. What fits the Modern AC format label are jocks who use one name, a music bed under their patter going into breaks, and loud imaging. Not to mention the LASER name was and still is used as a form of Rock branding.

But whats in a format label anyway?

Today the station is 105-9 Kiss-FM.

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  1. ron kay

    ……it’s a perfect example of why most jocks never seriously tried to get a gig in Kansas. That’s not an air check….it’s a promo production demo reel.

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