The ‘After Hours Joint’ on WMMS Cleveland | August 1986

100.7 Cleveland WMMS

The unidentified jock in this clip sounds like he’s having a good time, on a show called the After Hours Joint. This is full of rock segues (scoped, of course), and includes a great legal ID… something WMMS was always famous for.

WMMS Cleveland


  1. vin

    Hi Steve,

    I believe the unknown jock in this aircheck is Bill Freeman. Used to listen to BLF on wvbf in the 70’s.


  2. Joy Binder

    It is indeed the one and only BLF.

  3. That’s Bash! When I was in high school, I used to listen to Bash for a few minutes every morning on my clock radio before I had to get out of bed when the Buzzard Morning Zoo came on.

  4. brian ellis

    WMMS was the epitome of an AOR station in the 70’s.
    I lived in the cleveland area then growing up. mms or “the buzzard” was THE rock station. Jeff & Ed morning drive, matt the cat afternoons, etc…
    “the blf bash” was usually sat/sun 10pm or midnight on.
    every saturday morning at 1:30am the song “maggot brain” by funkadelic was played.

  5. what made mms so speacial was that not only the kids listend so did thier parents.They had unheard of ratings. I thought the jock sounded a little like Fred Imus, Don’s brother.

  6. Early

    That is without a doubt BLF BASH!!! When radio was spontanious and fun. The jocks could truly tailor their spins to the audience they knew. That clip brought back so many memories of wee morning hours staggering home, ready for BLF to play Maggot Brain. I remember a time he plaid Dark Side of the Moon in it’s entirity twice in a row and said “to hell with the commercials tonight” I listened every night. Where did those days go when radio was fun to listen to and not staged.

  7. The BLF Bash on the After Hours Joint!!!…on the Flame Throwin’ Buzzard!!! Voted America’s Best for years!!! Long live the Buzzard! (& len Golburg)

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