The Big Ron O’Brien Files, Part 3: 102.7 KIIS-FM, KIIS 1150 AM Los Angeles | October 7, 1986

02.7 Los Angeles KIIS

Ron O'Brien WRKO WOKYCourtesy of Big Apple Airchecks, yet another original Ron O’Brien recording from the generocity of his estate. This is a pretty good recording, with just a bit of FM static. Otherwise, the dynamic range is excellent and Big Ron sounds right at home at “The New Kiss FM & AM”. Apparently, KIIS-FM was in the midst of a bit of a re-tooling of the overall sound, de-emphasizing Rock cuts and adding in more Rhythmic songs and there is a promo stating as much heard about mid way through.

As is often the case with west coast airchecks, I know very little about the particulars of air staff and format, and will rely on our listeners’ comments (to our Facebook and Twitter accounts) to fill in the blanks.


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