Walt Jackson, 56 WHBQ Memphis | 1976

560 Memphis WHBQ Rob Grayson Chris Curtis George Kline Jack Parnell

560 Memphis WHBQ Dewey Philips

..I have been moonlighting for the police department, now don’t you go tellin’ anyone...

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Curator’s Notes:

Somewhat at a loss for words on this one.  The featured photo is from the hall of fame exhibit – Dewey Phillips WHBQ studio from sometime back in the 1950s.  That would be back when the station was located in the Hotel Chisca.

This aircheck goes by so fast it’s hard to keep up. But that’s what happens when I have to scope the music out.  Here’s one of my favorite WHBQ jocks.  Walt Jackson is a great jock!  What this recording exudes is pure FUN!   Think about it.  In 1976, the listening was probably split 50/50 AM/FM.  And at this point in time, WHBQ held the top ratings spot.  It wasn’t to last as FM rose to prominence soon after this but think of the FUN you could have, lying on a beach somewhere in the Mid-South listening to this.



  1. Jim Parker

    Are you giving up on “unscoped” airchecks, Steve?

    • Until I can get a revenue stream going that will pay for royalty payments, yes. I want to post them, but, I’ve been informed that I absolutely can not post unscoped unless there is a royalty agreement firmly in place with the labels. I have no choice in this, even though I did attempt to let a few fly under the radar. It’s a legal matter, which I cannot violate under any circumstances.

      Perhaps at some point this year, I’ll be able to afford the appropriate royalty payments, but certainly not at this point. Sorry.

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