WBZ Reports: Dale Dorman dies at 71 | October 26, 2014

680 Boston, WRKO, Dale Dorman

A year ago this day, WBZ Newsradio 1030 began airing the story about the passing of Boston Legend Dale Dorman when the news broke sometime mid-afternoon of Sunday, October 26, 2014. This website did have the scoop within minutes of a Facebook posting by one of Dale’s friends and co-workers at WRKO, Harry Nelson, and by one of our Contributors. It seems the media followed our leads.

Dale Dorman’s first major radio gig was in San Francisco, at the famous 610 KFRC. Later, Dale would begin a more than 40 year run in Boston, doing wakeups at WRKO, then on to Fairbanks’ 105.7 WVBF which had then rebranded as Top 40 “F-105”. And after that, a 20 year stint in Mornings at WXKS-FM, “Kiss-108” before going to WODS “Oldies 103.3” Dorman retired in 2010.

Although a crystal clear recording of WBZ’s web stream was available, since this is radio, I decided to record the old-fashioned AM signal, as it was received in the evening grayline propagation into Southwest Connecticut. Somehow, it seemed fitting.

107.9 FM Boston Medford Kiss 108 WXKS-FM WWEL-FM Dale Dorman Matt Siegal JJ Wright JoJo Kincaid Matty in the Morning

Aircheck #1,288 since May 2, 2002!


  1. Al Stidham

    I’m sorry to hear of Dale’s passing. I’ve listened to his airchecks here many times, and always enjoyed his light-hearted sense of humor. I know he’ll be missed by his family and scores of listeners.

  2. C Lyman

    He also did some announcing work with WLVI Ch 56 Boston. Mostly during the closing credits of programs, announcing the upcoming program

  3. Steve if you ever can get a copy of one of Dale’s airchecks from Dec 1967 at KFRC that would be great. I had to rate that particular aircheck as one of the best, tight, bright, and Bill Drake would have been proud. RIP Dale

  4. Ross

    hard to believe it’s been a year since Dale left us. while he is best known for his work in San Francisco and Boston, the Homer NY native began his career in Syracuse at 1490 WOLF.

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