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Here’s this week’s Top 5 airchecks:

#5. Lee Roberts, 98.7 WXLO New York | December 17, 1977
#4. Composite: 98.7 WXLO New York | 1978
#3. Sue O’Neal, 98.7 WXLO New York | September 15, 1978
#2. The Gary Ryder Road Show, 610 KILT Houston | 1981
#1. Beaver Cleaver, 98.7 WXLO New York | June 1, 1978

Yes, we’re late with the countdown, but better late than never!

Just outside the countdown, at number 6, an aircheck that has the attention of thousands of people. Dick Summer’s “Nightlife Show” on WBZ Boston from August, 1964. Why mention it? This was a LONG time ago, yet Dick Summer’s fans keep coming back! Dick posted on Facebook recently that he’s the last man standing out of all the jocks who once made up the old Top 40 format of 1960s WBZ. We’re glad he’s still around!

This week’s countdown is all about New York’s old 99X! We had some new contributors sending in their favorite WXLO airchecks, and still have more to post! Keep em comin’!

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