October 19, 2021

6 thoughts on “William B. Williams Farewell; Bob Jones, WNEW 1130 New York, Part 2 | August 3, 1986

  1. It’s impossible to explain how this music personified America for us in the former Soviet Union, it inspired us, it made life worthwhile, it gave us hope when despair was just around the corner, it colored all our dreams, it made us eternal prisoners of that distant land ten thousand miles away. And it’s so sad that this uniqueness is almost completely gone drenched in celebration of mediocrity. God bless that unforgettable time. Never again.

  2. Mr. Patasnik,
    WNEW’s signal could be heard from Atlanta to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Saying it went all the to Canada is not very specific. No one in most of the country would have heard it. Thanks for posting, WNEW AM was a treasure. I once had a colleague who worked in their newsrooom.

    Eric Forbes
    Regina Saskatchewan

  3. You said WNEW had to protect Chicago at night. Did Chicago have an 1130 station. I’ve lived in west Virginia all my life and can get all three stations mentioned. I believe WNEW-AM is now WBBR (I do know they changed calls), and WNEW-FM (102.7) also changed calls and is a sister station to, among others, WCBS-AM and FM, WINS, and WFAN. I believe 102.7 (I don’t remember their call letters) is adult contemporary.

    1. Gary, you’re behind on a few call letter changes. 102.7 changed call letters to WWFS, to match their “Fresh” branding several years ago. The WNEW call letters went to 99.1 (which was alternative WHFS when I lived there in the 90s) Annapolis. Then, recently, Entercom restored the WNEW calls to 102.7 in NYC. Recently, as in March 15, 2016. If you are interested in the history of 102.7 (of course you are or you wouldn’t be here LOL… silly webmaster…), check out this description. I’ll dig up a few more references shortly

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