World Exclusive! Big Ron O’Brien, AM 1490 KBAB Indianola, Iowa | Composite 1969/1970

Indianola Iowa
Where is indianola, Iowa?

Recording date: Sometime between late 1969 and early 1970
Station: 1490 KBAB (Defunct) Indianola, Iowa
Format: Top 40
Branded: “Boss Radio” (Faux)
Ownership: Unknown
Featured Air Personality: Big Ron O’Brien
Contributor: Big Apple AirchecksBig Apple Airchecks Matt Seinberg New York Traders




The Two words describe Ron O’Brien…

Curator’s Notes:

This aircheck is an original.  Recorded on a two track reel, this was given to Big Apple Airchecks by Ron, himself, just prior to his untimely death in 2008.  We are honored to present this to you, as it came from Big Ron O’Brien himself!


  1. Donald Rehrer Jr

    This is the 1982 WNBC aircheck, not the KBAB one.

    • You’re correct. It is now fixed. One of my rare errors. Thanks for letting me know. Steve

  2. Jay Philpott

    1490 KXLQ licensed to Indianola is listed as having the KBAB call letters on that frequency from 1963-1984

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