1110 KRLA Pasadena – 1972 Jingle Montage

Here’s a cool set of station jingles that I put into a montage. It was sent in on an unlabelled Maxell UR 60 cassette, with only one thing written on the case, “KRLA Jingles 1972”.

The only other station that I remember ever having similar jingles was 1020 KDKA Pittsburgh. It might have been from whatever jingle company created these, or perhaps just something similar. These are very unique- some are long-form jingles lasting :30 seconds, some are short, and they include all different types of arrangements, from a church choir to Rock, Funk, Country & Western and even old Ragtime. I suppose, in theory, the station could play any kind of music and have a jingle that fit.

Not having ever lived in California where I could pick up KRLA, I never heard the format in ’72, so I have no idea how these jingles sounded in context. Perhaps someone out there does. A shout out to our conversation participant, ‘calradiopd’ is in order, since he likely knows more about the station and its jingles than I.

Bumper Sticker Scan courtesy of KM Richards