Danny Carlisle & Roy Sampson, New Country 100.7 WGRX Westminster/Baltimore | July 19, 1999

Out of the archives, just as the new millenium was upon us, this short scope of a full 45 minute cassette side features the Country incarnation of the (former) WGRX Westminster, MD… A station that tried, unsuccessfully, for many years to compete with WIYY Baltimore (98 Rock), but with signal problems downtown, found itself having to flip to something… That something started out as Froggy 100.7, but by the time of this recording was simply using the WGRX call letters.

This Country station really didn’t stand a chance, going up against the team of CMA DJ of the year several-times-over Laurie DeYoung and her morning team on crosstown WPOC 93.1 (A team that included TV Meteorologist Marty Bass – who was really MUCH more than a Weatherman, rather, a real showman!). However, WGRX had several things going for them… a much more up-tempo presentation (WPOC was always AC-ish in it’s approach back in those days), a fresh sound with new DeeJays, and a signal that, while didn’t reach the inner Harbor very well, was very powerful in the north and western Suburbs, in fact, reached as far as York, PA! The Inner Harbor signal problems were somewhat solved in the early 90s with the addition of a translator on 100.1 FM, but that got somewhat confusing to listeners who lost that signal once they travelled outside the Beltway.

Presented here, is Danny Carlisle for the first few breaks, then it’s on to Roy Sampson for the remainder. This is very tightly scoped by your webmaster. It’s old enough that we can’t find an old original WGRX logo anywhere… except for some station on 104.5 FM with those call letters today. Which means, yes, New Country 100.7 WGRX didn’t survive… except, apparently, for this rare recording done in-between Classic Rock formats.

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