‘Vinnie’, 94.7 WSAI-FM Cincinnati | Undated

Who remembers what AOR radio REALLY sounded like? It wasn’t all hard rock of the 70s, as one might think, since today’s Classic Rock format was what grew out of the original AOR format. No, back then, FM stations would take album cuts and popular rock songs and play the album versions, and it sure wasn’t all hard rock, although to be sure, there was a lot of hard cuts in the format.

Enter WSAI-FM. It’s AM sister station was a true Top 40 station with all the formatics intact. On this QuickCheck, you’ll hear ‘Vinnie’ doing a flawless show. Remember now, its the mid-70s, there are NO jingles, NO imaging, just the jock and a bunch of Rock Albums. You get 4 1/2 minutes, scoped.

Also, investigating info on WSAI-FM, we came across this link for the Cincinnati Radio and TV Legends site. You might want to read what happened to WSAI.

94.1 WSAI-FM



    • @Matt: The WSAI-FM aircheck is on cassette. That is partly unscoped, but I scoped it down when mastering for the website and didn’t keep the unscoped copy. At some point I might post an unscoped version but I can’t right now.


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