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850 WREF / Danbury CT

A Sample of Scott Shannon’s “True Oldies Channel”, 850 AM Stereo WREF Danbury, CT | January 20, 2011

850 AM (Stereo) WREF Danbury CT

Who says AM Stereo is dead? With all the talk about HD Radio and it’s associated pros and cons, we thought we’d highlight an exciting Oldies format (well, this should be classified as “Classic Hits”) done on an AM station that is STILL broadcasting in Motorola C-QUAM ™ AM Stereo.

850 WREF is a daytime-only station that suffers from a lot of interference during twilight operation. Still, it has a powerful signal that does cover about half the state of Connecticut. We can’t say how big the audience, in an area that is inside the footprint of Oldies’ WCBS-FM New York and WDRC-FM Hartford, but it does sound good, despite being noisy here at the Airchexx studios. This is Scott Shannon’s “True Oldies Channel” Satellite Network. It would sound better if the station processed the audio a little better, it’s definitely missing the rich bass that some former AM stations featured before they dumped the system and went back to mono, or IBOC ‘HD’.


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  1. If you can survive thru the intense static, this is an awesome aircheck.

    AM stereo lives on.

  2. If you have a good external antenna the music sounds great! My radio is an SRF-300 STERO AM radio. Location 11776 LONG ISLAND N.Y.

  3. Please fix static on 850am radio no reason not to be able to pick up station clearly just across the long island sound am radio should have a strong range.

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