Dan Taylor, the Weekend Time Machine, 66 WNBC New York | December 26, 1987

The WNBC ‘Time Machine’ is on the air! Here’s Dan Taylor (WHN, WYNY, WCBS-FM) with one of NBC’s most popular features at the end of it’s life on 660 AM – The Time Machine! This was a great recreation of 1960s WABC right down to the PAMS jingles, resung for WNBC. Who said music was dead on AM?!! This is 1987, with only about 9 months to go before WNBC would be deleted and along with it, one of the most colorful station legacies in broadcasting history.

Runs 9+ minutes, scoped. Courtesy of Contributor Neal Bowden.


  1. hi i love the way dan handled the suddenly stopped cart throw it across the room good idea nothing like records about this time

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