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94.5 WZOU / Boston

Eric Cheney, 94.5 WZOU Boston | February, 1985

From the ‘other side of the Pond’, Contributor Neal Bowden sent in a near perfect short scope of the old “Zoo”, 94.5 WZOU Boston. Featured is Eric Chaney and the top hits of February 1985. Was it really so long ago? We love the old Top Hour jingle with the live spoken ID – now THAT’s the way radio is supposed to sound!

Plenty of forward momentum in this QuickCheck, perhaps that’s what’s good about these scoped gems… you get a feel for the station, then before you know it, it’s over. Your webmaster lived within earshot of this great station and we sure miss it, and the CHR war that ran for three years between 103.3 WHTT, WKXS-FM ‘Kiss-108’ and WZOU, not counting the Summer of ’83 when 98.5 WROR jumped on the CHR bandwagon for 3 months. It was great radio and here’s a short trip down memory lane…

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  1. Say, can you do a WZOU jingle montage this year?

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