Dan Ingram, 77 WABC New York | January 2, 1968

Big Apple Airchecks
Dan Ingram’s afternoon show, January 1968. Big Dan’s counting down the WABC All-American survey – out of order, as usual. The number one song this week is The Beatles – Hello, Goodbye.

Something about WABC in 1968, always an exciting station, but there was something dark about it. Perhaps the Vietnam war and the whole aura that surrounded American society at the time. Certainly, WABC was the soundtrack of America in 1968. It was a time when WABC was at the height of its popularity.

It’s the 50th Anniversary of WABC flipping to Top 40 full time, December 7th, 1960. And this is the 3rd aircheck in a series commemorating this landmark day on what was considered to be the most important Top 40 station in American history. Thanks again to Big Apple Airchecks for this snapshot of 77 Radio WABC!

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  1. Interesting…Cuba Gooding Jr., famous actor and son of Cuba Gooding, Lead singer of 70’s soul group The Main Ingredient”, was born on the very day of this broadcast. (Jan 2, 1968)

  2. Big Dan. Cousin Brucie. And that “Morning Mayor of NY” guy (?). Family, blood relatives to a million of us young adults in the 1960’s. God bless all of you.
    Even that late-night guy who couldn’t stop laughing, or making us laugh, even tho’ I realize now he was probably stoned out of his mind!

  3. Which late night guy coundn’t stop laughing; Chuck Leonard or Charlie Greer. Both did their fair share of giggling while on the air in my opinion.

  4. Lori, I am going to go with Chuck Leonard. First, he said late night, not overnight and as I remember, Charlie Greer was much older than the other WABC All Americans by about 15 years. Secondly, Chuck Leonard’s jokes were always much edgy and he was more hip than Greer, though I don’t know about that comment about him being stoned.

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