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1390 WXTC / Charleston SC

Tim Byrd, 1390 WXTC (AM) “Charleston’s Oldies Station” | June, 1988

Once again from California Aircheck via Contributor Robyn Watts, we present more from Charleston SC.

WXTC (AM) 1390 has flipped formats more than a few times since the 1980s. In this recording made in June, 1988, WXTC is branded as “Charleston’s Oldies Station”. Even though 102.5 WXLY is also doing a form of oldies, er, Classic Hits at the same time, WXTC gets the credits for the right formatics. Decent jingles (from the same package WXTC-FM used), faux drake formatics and even the old RKO-style news sounder.

The jock is Tim Byrd, who was heard on many Charleston stations over the years, here doing wakeups on WXTC.

Longtime Charlestonians will remember 1390 as Charleston’s Rock station, WCSC. It was a good sounding station through most of the 1970s. There is a tribute website on the web created to remember the heritage 1390 WCSC – Click here for

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  1. Judging by the sports scores, especially the reference to the NBA I would say this is from mid to late April 1988, not June.

    • The tape was dated June, ’88. It could be that the recording MADE for the June edition of California Aircheck was made in April. I had no info about that.

  2. This is NOT Tim “The Byrdman” Byrd. The newsman says the jocks name is Ted Byrne. Tim never worked at this station.

    • Actually, this is the Byrdman. I received an email from him thanking me for posting his aircheck.

  3. Great aircheck. Ted Byrne is definitely the voice doing the morning show. He was a holdover from WCSC. They had just changed from WCSC-AM a few months before.

    This is something that is missing from radio today, a good full-service morning show.

  4. I remember Tim Byrd from New York’s WPIX (during its AC era) and Hot 103 (and probably the latter’s successor, Hot 97) (during its dance era) in the 80s. And the jock heard here doesn’t even sound close to Tim Byrd.

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