Jade Alexander, ‘Thursday Evening’ on WHYI “Y100” Miami | September 17, 1996

Its not often we post 1990s CHR airchecks, but this one is notable for some less than obvious reasons. First, it came in on a cassette (digital airchecking wouldn’t really become mainstream for about 10 years from this). Second, this is NOT […]

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Jonathan Walker, 960 KALE Richland, WA | November 22, 1975

Courtesy of Tom Lacko, here’s a crisp, 30+ minute scope of 960 KALE. This features Jonathan Walker doing the afternoon show a few days before Thanksgiving, 1975. We know virtually nothing of this radio station or its legacy. Listeners who remember KALE […]

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Cox & Zoeller, 1320 WKTQ “13Q” Pittsburgh | Sometime, 1975

Here’s a long-awaited aircheck from Contributor Tom Lacko. One of our earlier contributors, Tom sent this in back in 2003. Don “Cox on the Radio” Cox and Ray Zoeller obviously had the teen audience glued to 13Q! At the time of this […]

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Emory & Erica, 98 Rock WIYY Baltimore | June 1, 1990

Here’s our first aircheck of Hurst Broadcasting’s WIYY ’98 Rock’. The station is truly a Baltimore legend, and although its morphed from mainstream Rock to Heavy Metal and Alternative, the station has had a consistent Rock format since March of 1977. The […]

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Sly Stone, KSOL San Francisco | 1967

KSOL (the original incarnation) was an AM station in San Francisco on 1450. AM 1450 was known as KSAN until July 1964, when the KSOL calls were first used. As KSAN, the station had devoted much time to ‘soul’ music, and the […]

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Rock 103 WHVY Grasonville/Annapolis MD | 1992

Contributor David Varnell sent in about a half-dozen airchecks from the Mid-Atlantic region and this one, while short, piqued my curiocity. WHVY first took to the air on 3/25/1991 and featured the format heard on this aircheck – mainly new, Alternative Rock […]

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The Mojoman, 1470 WOHO Toledo | 1969

Sid Grubbs welcomes you to his world (//themojoman.com/) with words only the Mojoman (c) could have uttered YES, GEAR JAMMERS, DOUBLE CLUTCHERS, CURB JUMPERS, MAMMY JAMMERS, COOKIE CRUNCHERS, AND BABYCAKES THE MOJOMAN® IS ALIVE AND WELL. It’s 1969 and thank heavens Bill […]

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Big Zach; The “New Star-98” WZST Signal Mountain/Chattanooga | August 19, 1996

One would think that a station sounding this good would have been around for a while. Perhaps it’s the poor signal that killed off the station known as “The New Star 98” – Even on top of Signal Mountain, just one-thousand watts […]

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Cadillac Jack/Ginger Gregory, 97.3 WKXJ “Kicks-FM” Chattanooga | August 19, 1996

Cadillac Jack is all excited about the New Sound of Kicks-FM, and judging from the amount of reverb (which my wife says gave her a headache), station management is, too! Here’s a scope of the Kicks Morning Show with Cadillac Jack and […]

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98.7 WRKS “Kiss-FM” New York Says Goodbye, Part 5 | April 29, 2012

Here’s the final segment of the final day broadcast of 98.7 Kiss-FM. WRKS began it’s life in June, 1981, the call letters chosen by then-parent company RKO General. They stood for RKO-Station. RKO-General had up till that time, a long history of […]

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98.7 WRKS “Kiss-FM” New York Says Goodbye, Part 4 | April 29, 2012

This entire section is the “Champagne & Bubbles” show of love songs – or as it was always referred to as The Sexiest show on the Radio by host Andre Harrell. This is completely ‘scoped and runs 16:20 in total. But even […]

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