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Jim Conley; Jackson Armstrong, 1020 KTNQ “Ten-Q” Los Angeles | 1979

This has been sitting around the Airchexx studio since 2004… a composite that’s had an 8 year wait to hit the Airchexx Archives! This kicks off with Jim Conley filling in for Dave Sebastian who is out sick on this particular day. […]

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Composite #2: 1380 KWK St. Louis, 106.5 WWWK Granite City | 1979

As confusing as it is listening to this aircheck next to the ‘standalone’ KWK aircheck recently posted, here’s a good example of how the migration of music stations from AM to FM began. In this case, later in 1979, KWK began simulcasting […]

Tagged 1979, Composite, Granite City MO, St. Louis

Composite: 1600 KATZ St. Louis | 1979

Despite being a R&B station going back to the late 1950s, there’s really not much written history for this 5,000 watt AM station. We do know that the station was known in the 1960s and 70s as “Soul 16”, as evidenced by […]

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Composite: 1380 KWK St. Louis | 1979

1979 was the last year that AM stations thrived on music formats. Especially Top 40. Here’s a station that obviously knew that FM was going to be king and tried to market itself accordingly. It’s on-air monniker at the time was “KWK […]

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Day Composite: KMOX 1120 St. Louis | 1979

Contributor Bob Buchhauer writes: This legendary CBS O&O, clear channel (1120AM) pulled 20+ shares back in the day. The late Robert Hyland (V.P. & G.M.) assembled a top notch list of talent including Jack Carney, Jack Buck (Joe Buck’s father), and Jim […]

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Philadelphia CHR Wars 1 – Part 1a | 1992

Robyn Watts is one of our earliest and largest contributors, having donated tapes that were recorded from home, and and obtained through some of the largest legitimate traders in America, such as California Aircheck, etc. Several of our early composite cassettes donated […]

Tagged 1992, Philadelphia

Philadelphia CHR Wars 1 – Part 1b | 1992

Several of our early composite cassettes donated by Robyn Watts had descriptive labels that identified them with a company called “Hecht Enterprises”. I’m not sure if this was part of a weekly trade publication or if they were an airchecking service outright, […]

Tagged 1992, Philadelphia

AM Music Holdouts – 950 KXJK Forrest City, AR | September 17, 2004

Who would have thought that any AM station was doing an independent, in house music format, post 2000? There were a few. Quite notably, Forrest City, Arkansas, had a daytimer on 950 AM which did have a full-time Classic Hits/Classic Soul station. […]

Tagged 2004, Forrest City AR

Composite: 63 KXOK St. Louis | January, 1979

Description by Contributor John Buchhauer: After years as THE Top-40 station in St. Louis, KXOK continued their decline and at the time of this air check recently switched to a more adult approach. The New KXOK billed itself as “AM means Adult […]

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John Dowling, WPGC AM/FM Morningside (Washington DC) | Sunday, May 27, 1984

Here’s a very different sounding 95 WPGC than the others you’ve heard on this site. By 1984, WPGC, an AM/FM simulcast operation, had completed the transition from Top 40 to Adult Contemporary, and the usual elements you’d find on AC radio are […]

Tagged 1984, John Dowling, Morningside Md, Washington DC