Mike Waite, 105.1 WPJB “JB 105” Providence | March 1979

105.1 FM Providence WPJB WWLI Mike Waite JB 105

Big Apple Airchecks Matt Seinberg New York TradersCourtesy of BigAppleAirchecks, here’s one you won’t want to miss, if you remember the old JB105! While this is too short to catch the id, WPJB for a time towards the end of its reign as Providence’s Top 40 GIANT, branded itself “Music Power – JB 105!!”. The Top Hour ID was larger than life, and JB 105, while you don’t hear it on this aircheck, had the reverb cranked louder than WABC ever did!

Heard on this QuickCheck is Mike Waite, who would go on to new career heights at Boston’s 98.5 WROR in 1983 during it’s very short lived experiment with CHR during that year. We sure wish there was more – but sadly only a bit more than 3 minutes exist of this particular scoped recording. Perhaps… sometime, someone will donate a longer aircheck to our growing collection of classics!

105.1 FM Providence WPJB WWLI Mike Waite JB 105

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