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Rosko (Bill Mercer): A “Trip” Into Progressive Rock – 102.7 WNEW-FM New York | December 16, 1970

What does one do with a tape which has no liner notes, few markings and one typewritten label which says ‘Rosko WNEW-FM 12/16/70’? Well, if you’re me, you post it on Trouble is, while this absolutely is Rosko (Bill Mercer), there’s […]

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The “Unknown DJ” on 93 KHJ Los Angeles | January 26, 1979

This mysterious aircheck is chock full of similarities and opposites. First off, compare the music playlist to another aircheck we have here from WKBW, from January 28, 1979. Nearly identical, except for the fact that KHJ is REALLY rockin’! Second, August 26, […]

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Composite: 92.5 WIFI Philadelphia | January 24, 1977

Courtesy of Big Apple Airchecks… There’s not that many people who remember this AM-Top 40-styled FM hit music station. However, some may look back fondly at the station which has been Country 92.5 WXTU since August 1, 1983. 92.5 in Philadelphia started […]

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Big Ron O’Brien, 98.1 WOGL Philadelphia | April 24, 2006

Big Ron O’Brien (October 24, 1951 – April 27, 2008) was well known for his talent, quick wit and warm personality. He is fondly remembered by friends and listeners alike. Recorded just over two years before his passing, here’s Big Ron in […]

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Tom Anthony, 94.3 KIKF Garden Grove, CA | January 23, 1982

Upon receiving this aircheck from Contributor Jeffrey Holland, I wondered to myself, was there REALLY a Country music station in the Los Angeles area called KIK-FM? Indeed, there was. Not only that, but there’s actually an information page online written by someone […]

Tagged 1982, Garden Grove CA, Los Angeles, Tom Anthony

94.7 New York Spins The Wheel Of Formats

Following Harold Camping’s failed end of the world prediction, Family Stations began to sell off its commercial band FM stations to stay afloat. First Maryland, then Philadelphia, leaving only New York remaining. Finally in October 2012, 94.7 WFME was sold to Cumulus […]

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Liz Kiley, 92.5 WIFI Philadelphia | November 24, 1981

Big Apple Airchecks sent the original of this mono, but high-fidelity (and we refuse to say ‘HD’) recording of the Adult Contemporary version of WIFI 92! By this time, WIFI had morphed into a more Adult station, but was by no means […]

Tagged 1981, Liz Kiley, Philadelphia

Airchexx Presents: The WLS Jingle Montage

Courtesy of Contributor and Featured Jock Allen Beebe… Jingle freaks, this is as close to heaven as one can get! Starting with the first Top 40 jingle package, An Anita Kerr package, if I recall correctly, this blows through many of the […]

Tagged Chicago, Jingles

Boss Radio Birthday Bash; 93 KHJ Los Angeles

Contributor Allen Beebe (WNBC/KNFX/KODE/KGBC/KNOE/KMJC) sent this in on the occasion of the passing of legendary KHJ Los Angeles producer Bill Mouzis, who passed away on January 12, 2013 at the age of 90. The L.A. Observed posted a wonderful obituary for Mouzis […]

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Bill Rock, 103.5 WYNY New York

Bill Rock was well known in New York prior to the Country version of WYNY, having been part of WNBC for many years. Here’s Bill on Y103.5 in its country incarnation. We might call it the fourth incarnation of WYNY, counting in […]

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Chris Anderson, 690 XETRA Tijuana, Mexico | 1984

Contributor Chris Anderson sent in this short scope of himself at the legendary “Mighty 690”. Marketed back in the music days to Los Angeles (and San Diego), this super-powered AM station was in the last days of it’s Top 40 format and […]

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