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Peter Butler & The Z Morning Zoo, 98.5 KZOU Little Rock | October 23, 1989

Little Rock’s hit music station here is Zoo 98 – officially, 98.5 KZOU. This encompasses a bit of the Z Morning Zoo featuring Peter Butler, and friends… includes News, Sports and the (scoped) hits of the day. The date of this recording […]

Tagged 1989, Little Rock, Peter Butler, Z Morning Zoo

Composite: 800 XEROK Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua | 1974

John Long (WAVZ) was the Programming genius behind this short lived but fantastic Top 40 format, leased from the Mexican government on XEROK. Located just across the Rio Grande, this station was a ‘Superpower’ AM like none other. Actually, the real history […]

Tagged 1974, Mexico

Michael P., 105.1 KMJX “Magic 105” (Conway) Little Rock | October 23, 1989

“…We’re dealing with goofy middle names today” Like much of the Little Rock radio market as of this writing in 2013, the station formerly known as “Magic 105” has changed formats, this time to Country. But here in 1989, KMJX was a […]

Tagged 1989, Little Rock, Michael P

Don Christy, 94.9 KOLL “Kool 95” Little Rock | October 23, 1989

Yet another morning drive of Little Rock radio is presented here, on a tape from California Aircheck contributed by Robyn Watts. Here’s the Don Christy morning show on Kool 95. This is a mainstream Oldies station playing the hits of the 50s, […]

Tagged 1989, Don Christy, Little Rock

Craig O’Neil, 103.7 KKYK Little Rock | October, 1989

We’re guessing on the date of this aircheck as sometime in October, 1989, based upon the news item that Jim Bakker was sentenced to prison the day before this was recorded. (Can’t find the exact sentencing date but the trial lasted six […]

Tagged 1989, Craig O'Neal, Little Rock

Allan Sands, 690 WAPE Jacksonville

Courtesy of Robyn Watts, we’re completely unsure of the date on this one, although there are clues contained within this aircheck. Allan Sands(see below for the correction) even has his own jingle. All of which contributes to a stellar recording highlighting the […]

Tagged Allan Sands, Jacksonville

Sample: 106.1 WBLI Patchogue NY | June 18, 1997

Lesson: How to edit a 45 minute cassette side down to four and a half minutes? Patience. A CHR/Dance mix format, excellent jock doing PM Drive and jingles that actually sound good and fit the music all highlight this scope, which spans […]

Tagged 1997, Patchogue NY

Michael Sarzynski on 66 WNBC New York | October 23, 1978

Thanks to this late submission from our good friend “Magic” Matt over at Big Apple Airchecks, we can bring you a really GOOD, high quality recording of the late WNBC. 1978… probably the biggest year for Disco music, before the days of […]

Tagged 1978, Michael Sarzynski, New York

Mike Phillips, 1150 KAYO Seattle | March 30, 1962

When we received this group of tapes from Contributor Robyn Watts, we never dreamed of the gems we’d find inside. AM 1150 Seattle was known as “Country KO” for a time… much of the 1960s into the 70s. However, this nearly 5 […]

Tagged 1962, Mike Phillips, Seattle