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1440 WROK / Rockford IL

Steve Casey, 1440 WROK Rockford IL | January, 1979

1440 Rockford WROK Bleecker Steve Case

Here’s a second helping of Contributor Steve Bleecker’s own show in Rockford Illinois. Yes, 1979 was a great year for music and we’re really impressed by the big sound that WROK has. Jingles on this station were mainly from JAM Creative Productions’ “Positron” package during 1979. The station’s processing was obviously top notch (kudos to the engineer, whomever he or she is).

1440 Rockford WROK Bleecker Steve Case

This is the station’s logo today

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  1. SMOOTH… love it…

  2. Steve…
    Great job. In 1979 I flew to Rockford to visit an old Marine buddy, Bud Ditto. His dad ran Ditto’s Sporting Goods.

  3. Thanks guys !

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