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97.1 WEZB / New Orleans

QuickCheck: Nick Bazoo on WEZB B-97 New Orleans | 1982

97.1 New Orleans WEZB B-97 Nick Bazoo Alan Beebe

Back in happier times in the Big Easy… Nick Bazoo. The name may not be familiar to those of us outside this market but the voice sure sounds familiar. This is short but a very high-intensity presentation in a tightly scoped aircheck. Talk about hot CHR! This will take you way back to the days when Pat Benatar was on Top 40 radio!

And… it’s Mardi Gras time – so party on with Nick Bazoo on B-97!

B-97 New Orleans

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  1. This is definitely a fun aircheck. What does crack me up a little bit is how he says that they will play some Mardi Gras music next. so I’m waiting to hear some traditional cajun or zydeco music, but he cranks up that New Orleans party classic “Age of seventeen” by Stevie Nicks. So, whatever happened to be in their rotation at the time suddenly was Mardi Gras party music. NO, I didn’t really expect them to break format, it just struck me a little funny.

  2. I was at B-97 from 1984-1985 and we really did play Mardi Gras music each year. I don’t know why it’s not on the aircheck but I remember playing the stuff. Talk about local!! Only in New Orleans… like no other city on earth!

    • Nick Left WEZB In 1984 As He Gone To San Francisco To Relaunch A Certain Radio Station That I Think You Already Know & Love.

  3. Cooking with great 80’s CHR! love Nick’s interaction and injection over the ramp ups! This is how radio should still be.

  4. Listen closer to the audio. He did start a Mardi Gras tune. The audio IS highly edited. But it’s there.

  5. Sad news. Nick was killed in an auto accident the evening of January 9, 2015. Prayers for all who knew him.

  6. Thanks for sharing! I had never heard Nick on-air & he sounds great here!! He was my 2nd PD @B94 in Pgh! RIP Nick

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