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96.9 WXBQ / Bristol

Gunner, 96.9 WXBQ Bristol VA | 2003

96.9 Bristol VA WXBQ

New Contributor Scotty Campbell adds a 12 year old COUNTRY aircheck of a station with lasting power! Using the same “Twenty Four Carrot Country” slogan today as it did in this recording, Gunner is a young-sounding jock who doesn’t skip a beat.

Here’s 96 Point 9 WXBQ, adding a new market, Bristol, Virginia. The station serves the “Tri-Cities” region which includes Bristol – VA and TN, AND the city of Knoxville. For the NASCAR fans in all of us!

96.9 Bristol VA WXBQ

Aircheck #1,375 since May 2, 2002!

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  1. if I was just driving through and punching around, I’d be asking myself “what is this guy doing in Bristol VA?” I hope he is still in the business and in a much larger market by now. if he worked at a cluster with a top 40 AND a country station, he would be great on both!

  2. Great stuff! Nice to hear some Tri-Cities checks on here. Does anyone have anything from WFHG-AM in the its heydey? If you do would love to hear it!

  3. I remember Gunner Jackson. Wish he’d come back to WXBQ. Maybe we could have Steve and Gunner. Thanks for the memories.

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