Airchexx-In-HD: CHR 99.5 KPLX-HD2 Dallas | April 25, 2007

99.5 Dallas KPLX The Wolf HD2

Here at Airchexx, we try to cover all the bases when it comes to documenting great radio. Whether its from the 40s, 60s, 80s or today, if it’s interesting, we’ll post it.

Here’s one that shows great promise. It’s not quite ‘there’ yet, simply because there are no jocks. HD radio has such potential, except for the drawbacks that are becoming apparent: Lack of a commitment by local market managers to put on a local oriented music format with jocks, and a serious lack of radio receivers both in the home and in autos. Editorializing here, the FCC should have mandated that beginning on the date HD radio was to commence, receiver manufacturers should have been ordered to make all FM receivers capable of receiving HD signals. Alas, they dropped that ball and HD will likely end up in the same position AM Stereo did – a great technological leap forward, ignored due to lack of receivers and interest. Ok, off my soapbox.

This is KPLX… the great Dallas Country station known as The WOLF, broadcasting CHR on it’s second digital signal (known as HD-2). For those not yet familiar with how HD works, the first (and sometimes only) HD stream simply simulcasts the analog signal. It’s always known as HD-1. Some stations have two HD streams, some even 3. Anyway, this is noteworthy because most stations with alternative formats are getting those formats from some sattellite feeed and are not locally produced. This one IS done local, and the imaging is stunning in between this dance-oriented CHR format. Now if there were only some jocks and a few contests it would really be something to latch on to.

99-5 KPLX Dallas

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