QuickCheck: Jackson Blue, WXKS-FM Medford/Boston | August 13, 2007

107.9 FM Boston Medford Kiss 108 WXKS-FM WWEL-FM Dale Dorman Matt Siegal JJ Wright JoJo Kincaid Matty in the Morning

Several years while scanning around the FM band, WXKS-FM was coming in in near HD quality (the HD indicator was flashing on my Boston Acoustics receiver), which is pretty good for being 75 miles from Boston, and I thought it would be a good time to make a new recording of Kiss-108.

It’s the Jackson Blue night show on Kiss, and while this isn’t the Sunny Joe White days, compare the old personality oriented Kiss with this lightning fast presentation of today’s hit music with the old days, and I swear there is still some good left in radio.

You may or may not enjoy the music of today (I do), but you’ll appreciate the formatics of this RARE live night show on the FIRST and BEST ‘Kiss’ station… even if Clear Channel Communications trademarked the ‘Kiss’ name some years back!

WXKS-FM Kiss 108!

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