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92.3 WXLK / Roanoake VA

Composite: WXLK K-92 FM Roanoke VA | May 1988

92.3 Roanoake WXLK K92

Certainly not a major market, but this city snuggled in the mountains of southwest Virginia was home to some good radio. Here’s nearly 10 minutes of CHR K-92 FM, a composite covering most of a broadcast day. This was a GOOD sounding station with real variety, thundering production and those good ole’ JAM jingles!


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  1. K92 was one of the the highest-rated CHRs in the country during the 1980s. I’ve forgot by how much, but it was well north of 30% 12+!!! Future major market jocks like Sunny Joe Stevens, Cat Michaels and others made this station sound “major-market” in a smaller market.

  2. I was working in Charlotte in 1995 when the K92 offer came down the line. At first, I kinda scoffed at the idea. Heck, it was a 70 market-rank drop! Didn’t seem logical. But, K92 was SO well-known for being a launching pad to the majors. That’s SOLELY the reason I took the afternoon gig. Lo and behold, it took just 5 months there for Q102/Philly to offer me middays. There was something special in those studios!

  3. Hey guys-thanks for posting this air check of K92. I was PD and GM there when these air checks were made. 15.6 to 22.5 AQH share. Brought the WLS sound to K92! It was a blast with a hard working, fun loving staff. Great memories 28 years ago. Jan Jeffries

  4. Viva La WXLK92FM! Playing Today’s Best Music Since 1979!

  5. LOVE this. What an amazing station this was!

    • Thanks for hiring me during your awesome tenure there, Eddie! What a magical wild time it was!

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