WABC Rewound 2007 – Hour 7

77 New York WABC

Chuck Leonard and Charlie Greer count down the top 100 of 1967. This gets a bit boring from the standpoint that without the music, we get to hear the “Superhit of the Year” jingle over and over… you get the point. Right off the bat to start things off, the cart machine sticks on Chuck Leonard. You won’t hear that these days with everything hard drive based!

Musicradio 77 WABC


  1. “The cart machine sticks on Chuck Leonard”? No, not quite–The cart was removed UNCUED–which is why it eventually played once re-inserted into the machine.There WAS an incident involving “For The Love of Him” (Bobbi Martin) where “Big” Dan had his engineer remove the cart from the machine as it was dragging & Dan (on the air) literally fixed the cart!!

    • That’s a fascinating story! I wonder now, how many of us have had the unfortunate luck of a cart jamming while the mic was open and we had to do SOMETHING as nothing else was queued up?!! Quick thinking by Big Dan, to be sure!

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