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101.1 WCBS-FM / Dan Taylor / New York

Dan Taylor in the Morning, WCBS-FM 101.1 New York | July 26, 2007

It’s not often I get New York FM stations up here in Massachusetts, but this particular July morning we had a bit of a tropo opening along the east coast, giving me the opportunity to hear WCBS-FM for the first time ever from this location (It’s never been heard at this location due to a line of hills, and I’m at the bottom at about the lowest elevation in the area).

Enough about my DX hobby. This is a unique aircheck for another reason. Dan Taylor is back at the helm of WCBS-FM’s morning show, after first relinquishing it to a Monkee (Mickey Dolenz), then the station flip to Jack-FM. Taylor sounds superb, even if the signal isn’t so good from about 200 miles away.

This is the re-tooled WCBS-FM, playing “New York’s Greatest Hits”!

I’ve converted this recording to mono, to improve audio quality.

WCBS-FM - New York's Greatest Hits! - visit them online


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  1. Dan had a great run on mornings from 2007 all the way to 2013 when the legendary Michael Scott Shannon took over.

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