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95.5 WPGC / Big Apple Airchecks / Lee Logan / Washington DC

The WPGC Files – Part 3. Lee Logan. January, 1979

Here's a lesson in how to really do Top 40!

95.5 FM Morningside MD Washington DC Musicradio Don Geronimo Tom Kent Lou Katz John Dowling WPGC

Lee Logan WPGC 1979Station: 95.5 WPGC Morningside Md (Washington DC) //1580 WPGC Washington (Wikipedia) (WPGC Tribute Site)
Format: Top 40
Branded: “Music Radio
Featured Air Personality: Lee Logan
Contributor: Big Apple Airchecks
Total Time: 5:09
Aircheck #1,592

You’re dealing with a sick man here…

Curator’s Notes:

This aircheck could serve as a clinic on how to do nighttime Top 40 radio!  Really, I wish there was more of this but it runs only 5 mintues scoped.  Lots of disco music was played here, but showing that this was a TRUE Top 40 station, Boston and the Rolling Stones make their appearances in this short clip.  And… it wouldn’t be 1979 if the Bee Gees weren’t all over the radio!

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  1. Lee Logan also made a stop here in Atlanta on WQXI 790 and was one of the best jocks to be on our airwaves here in The Big A.

    Karl Phillips

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