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1300 WAVZ / Andy Bologovsky / Bill Rock / New Haven CT

Bill Rock, 1300 WAVZ New Haven | July, 1974

The Legendary Bill Rock early in his Radio Career! Part of the Andy Bologovsky Collection.

Bill Rock

Bill Rock, Owner of Bill Rock Productions.

Lucky 13, supplying the boogie for Summertime ’74

Curator’s Notes:

If the voice sounds familiar to you non-radio people, that’s because he’s been heard on television ads, NBC television specials and more. And yeah. He’s also a radio guy who started in the fun years of the 1970s playing records on AM radio!

His radio credits include WNBC, WYNY and even WCBS-FM! Before he went to New York to launch his very successful career, he spent some time in New Haven, Connecticut at WAVZ. The station itself was very successful here in it’s prime and Rock is working the format, tweaking it, winding it around his voice and personality! What I think you’ll notice about this aircheck is how tight the format and commercial breaks were. In order for a jock to let his personality out, it had to be over one of the records where he wasn’t supposed to read a PSA. Interesting. And certainly historic!



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  1. Bill Rock was a CT radio legend. I was always sorry I never got to work with him. Our paths never crossed.

  2. This aircheck is from Sunday, July 14th, 1974. Note the promo for the Bowie concert that night.

  3. Best of the Best!

  4. It took me a few minutes, but I did recognize the voice. When the WAVZ jocks would give the weather, they’d say “New Haven environment” to start the forecasts. Also, though, it was scoped, liked “In the Summertime” at 3:50.

  5. Thanks for the date. “Rebel, Rebel”, though it never did reach the top 40, was on the charts at the time.

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