Curator’s Corner: Status Update and New Stuff…

Steve West Airchexx

It’s been quite a while since I posted what’s going on here at Airchexx, but perhaps now is the time for an update.

First and foremost, Airchexx has finally broken away from our longtime host and business partner. The break was sudden and unexpected, however, it has provided the opportunity for me to do some serious upgrading, and to launch our new, fulltime internet station, Airchexx Live! .

I’m in the process of finding some new features for airchexx. There will be a place for commentaries about the radio industry, a radio history pictorial (IF Clarke Ingram is up to it!), and a new, workable theme for airchexx that will be more user-friendly and more beautiful – to better highlight the beauty that was radio of the past!

Our main mission is the same as it’s always been. To archive for posterity, recordings of radio the way you and I remember it. From all formats, R&B, Old Top 40, Hip Hop (as that genre is coming into it’s own radio history), Album Rock… Even Country. The main stuff is Top 40. You youngins don’t remember that Top 40 radio for the first 20 years of its history, was mainly heard on the AM band! That’s the fun part of airchexx! We have tons of it, and you’ll find that stations you find a conservative talk bore today, were very exciting music stations 30 years ago! Do a search for a particular station and you’ll probably find it here!.

our newest feature has it’s own website. Airchexx Live! is our brand new 24/7 streaming airchexx station. More than just the airchecks, we play News & Weather at 5pm, a Classic Hits/Classic Rock show from 6 or 7 until 9pm, depending upon how much important news is out there. We air Russ Horton’s “Top 40 Timeline” every evening at 9pm, and beginning this Sunday, “That Thing” with Rich Appel. More shows will be coming online soon! So you get the best of both worlds, the airchecks, AND specialty shows… all on one place, Airchexx Live!

Last, but not least, because we have struck out on our own, we now have to bear 100% of the costs of running both websites and streaming fees. These are substantial. I NEED your help with this. Please, donate to our sites to help with operation. I recommend $25, but you can donate any amount no matter how small, and it will help!
Here’s the donate link. Please do!

Or, if you prefer, you may do a recurring donation for a generous amount on a weekly or monthly (or even yearly) basis *RECOMMENDED*

Recurring Donations

This is super important, as I do not have the funds to operate these sites and the station alone for a long period of time. I’ll just say THANK YOU in advance!

I’ll post another update next month. Till then, be well!

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