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770 WABC / Alan Fletcher / Chuck Leonard / New York

Chuck Leonard, 77 WABC New York | November 2, 1975

Taken from WABC Rewound 2005 and Donated to Airchexx by Contributor Alan Fletcher

770 New York WABC MusicRadio

770 New York WABC Chuck Leonard

Chuck Leonard on the Announcer side of the WABC main control board, 1967

“WABC New York, All you Need to Win!

Chuck Leonard(1) is holding court on a crisp, Fall morning on WABC!

You’ll note right off that election day is coming up. Even if there wasn’t a label on the source recording, we would have known that the date of this broadcast was 11/2/75. Chuck Leonard(2) did Sundays, along with his night shift in 1975 and he clearly says it’s morning. Further, what you don’t hear is the part of this aircheck which aired during Rewound 2005, where Johnny Donovan actually announces the date of Chuck’s broadcast.

A few other ‘notables’…

The WABC game is in full swing and we hear a few liners and promos for it voiced by Dan Ingram. Chuck Leonard even takes a winner over the phone for all to hear about mid-way through this.
There’s an interesting network promo touting ABC Television’s new show “tomorrow” (Monday, November 3, 1975). “Good Morning America” begins the next day, leading me to ponder, has it really been that long?. Also, to go along with that, there is a McDonald’s commercial which preceeds this promo, in which the female announcer is exclaiming “Good Morning America! as it advertises McD’s breakfast menu. How cool!

(1) Links to Wikipedia article about Chuck Leonard, American Broadcaster.
(2) Internal Link to various Chuck Leonard airchecks available on this website.

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