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1580 Washington / 95.5 WPGC / Big Apple Airchecks / Big Ron O'Brien

The Big Ron O’Brien Files, 95.5 WPGC Morningside 1977

A joint project of Big Apple Airchecks and for 2019, from the original source tapes here's another 12 minutes of fun with the late Big Ron O'Brien!

Big Ron OBrien

Big Ron OBrien

Big Ron O’Brien Sketch while at WPGC Morningside

We run a family show here…

Picking up where we left off some time ago in 2018, the parade of Big Ron O’Brien (Richard Walls) aircheck tapes continues on courtesy of the family of the late Big Ron via Big Apple Airchecks. In this 12+ minute clip, we find our subject at another legendary station (at least legendary during this time period), the AM/FM Top 40 combo of WPGC 1580/95.5.

This aircheck really is the perfect combination of a pristine original recording made from the FM side and Big Ron’s sarcasm – which makes him so darn FUNNY! If you have the patience, listen to all 12 minutes of this aircheck to be amazed. Every break, every time. Then come back soon for MORE in our new series of “The Big Ron O’Brien Files”.


WPGC 95.5 has been Urban formatted since the early 1980s.  1580 is now WJFK airing ESPN Deportes as “El Zol”, after many years of different formats and call letters.

Big Ron O’Brien passed away on April 27, 2008.  We have many of his airchecks featured on this website at this link.


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