“Humble Harve” Miller, 1500 KBLA (Santa Monica) Los Angeles | 1967

Humble Harve certainly was well known in Los Angeles radio! His career highlights include: KBLA, 1965-67; KHJ, 1967-71; KIQQ, 1973; KKDJ, 1974; KIIS, 1975-76; KUTE, 1980; KRLA, 1981-82 and 1985-86 and 1988-91; KRTH, 1991-92; KCBS, 1992-93; KZLA, 1996-97; KIEV, 1999. That’s quite […]

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Dan O’Brien, 1310 WGH Norfolk Part 2 | 1977

Recurring Donations Option 1 : $9.00 USD – monthlyOption 2 : $15.00 USD – monthlyOption 3 : $25.00 USD – monthlyOption 4 : $110.00 USD – yearly In 1977, WGH was the undisputed champion of Top 40 radio in the Hampton Roads […]

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Chuck Collier, 99.5 WGAR Cleveland | January 30, 2007

Courtesy of Big Apple Airchecks, Here’s a more recent aircheck of the late Chuck Collier (May 6, 1947—September 22, 2011) than some others available on this site. Chuck is heard very much in his element here on Country 99-5 WGAR during PM […]

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JoJo Kincaid, WVBF “F-105” Framingham/Boston | January, 1979

Continuing the broadcast of WVBF from January (we suspect the 15th), 1979, here’s midday guy JoJo Kincaid. Never mind that he’s one of your webmaster’s radio heroes from my youth, talk about talent! WVBF is still giving away free money, and hopes […]

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Johnny Williams; Robert W. Morgan, 93/KHJ Los Angeles | 1968

Just when you thought you’d heard all the KHJ airchecks avaliable, comes this new, right off the original reel recording of Johnny Williams, then, the great Robert W. Morgan on 93/KHJ! Become an Airchexx Supporter! It really doesn’t cost much more than […]

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Bob Grant, 77 WABC New York | November 8, 1994 – Election Day Broadcast

In writing this commentary, I’ve had to do some research. Those who knew Bob Grant as a listener, or who may have worked for him, will likely note that I have left out a great amount of information about this incredible broadcasting […]

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“Super” Max Kinkel, CKLW “The Big 8” Windsor (Ontario) | January 21, 1976

Be an Airchexx Supporter! “… on the Money Station, C K L W!!” Six minutes of Motor City madness with Super Max! This is the station once considered the third most listened to station in the world! ‘Super’ Max Kinkel is filling […]

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Become an Airchexx Supporter!

Become a literal part of history… This all started out as a labor of love back in 2002.  Every month, tens of thousands of classic radio enthusiasts visit this site and enjoy hundreds of thousands of hours of Top 40 era radio […]

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Bob Lewis, 95.5 WABC-FM New York | January 10, 1970

Bob “Bobaloo” Lewis was best known as one of the “All Americans” on 77 WABC (AM). Lesser known was the fact that he was also heard on the FM side. WABC-FM 95 1/2 was a Progressive Rock station. The format was called […]

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The Big Ron O’Brien Files, Part 3: 102.7 KIIS-FM, KIIS 1150 AM Los Angeles | October 7, 1986

Courtesy of Big Apple Airchecks, yet another original Ron O’Brien recording from the generocity of his estate. This is a pretty good recording, with just a bit of FM static. Otherwise, the dynamic range is excellent and Big Ron sounds right at […]

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The Big Ron O’Brien Files, Part 2: Giant 1130 WCAR Detroit | March 16, 1972

That’s Neil Young, he’s got a Heart of Gold. I would settle for an aorta of silver… The Big Ron O’Brien Files will eventually end up on its own page, due to the sheer number of airchecks available from the estate. Here’s […]

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The Big Ron O’Brien Files, 95.5 WPGC Morningside 1977

We run a family show here… Picking up where we left off some time ago in 2018, the parade of Big Ron O’Brien (Richard Walls) aircheck tapes continues on courtesy of the family of the late Big Ron via Big Apple Airchecks. In […]

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