98.7 WRKS “Kiss-FM” New York Says Goodbye, Part 2 | April 29, 2012


Part two of the Final Broadcast day at New York’s 98.7 Kiss-FM begins where part one left off. Some parting words from the Open Line program, then it’s on to the not-quite-final “Rhythm Review” featuring host Felix Hernandez. As Felix’s guests this day: Barry Mason and Chris Murray.

Scoped down, you get a feel for the atmosphere as the personalities know it’s their final time in the WRKS studio, but, as they make constant references to, the show doesn’t end, it simply moves to 107.5 WBLS. Constant produced pieces remind listeners that the staffs of Kiss-FM and WBLS are merging and implore listeners to follow their favorite jocks down the dial.

98.7 Kiss KissFM Kiss-FM WRKS New York Felix Hernandez Rhythm Revue Barry Mason Chris Murray

The Final Day Of 98.7 Kiss-FM
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  1. Danny

    Thank you 98.7 kiss for being a part of my life for and providing great music and talk shows and entertainment for 30 years..Been listening to you since I was 12 or 13 and have to say how dumpfounded I was when I heard you were leaving. Seems like anything that’s good always has to go away. I know you have merged with WBLS and some the same staff from kiss FM will be over there, but won’t feel quite the same as it was. Once again, thanks and very sorry to see you go.

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