William B. Williams Farewell; Bob Jones, WNEW 1130 New York, Part 2 | August 3, 1986

… There’s only one. WNEW Eleven Three Oh in New York. There was, until 1992. Not counting it’s sister Album Oriented Rock FM station on 102.7, WNEW (AM) was the most unique radio station in[…]

William B. Williams Farewell; Bob Jones, WNEW 1130 New York, Part 1 | August 3, 1986

Somewhere, in some vault, there is a master recording of this tribute to the late William B. Williams. But, for this website dedicated to classic radio, perhaps it’s better that we present the following original[…]

Mark Simone, WNEW Stereo 1130 New York | Undated

We can’t pin down the date of this – but perhaps someone can. Mark Simone is the personality for this, the last and best era at the great Eleven Three Oh WNEW. I’m guessing it’s[…]

Gene Klavan on WNEW 1130 New York | August 1975

This starts out with a very nice narration by our contributor, Ed Montgomery. Very tastefully done and we thank Ed for this wonderful look at a very unique radio station! One thing people remember about[…]

William B. Williams Farewell: WNEW 1130 New York, Part 3 – August 3, 1986

From Ira Warren Patasnik, the third segment of this great tribute to legendary WNEW broadcaster William B. Williams, who passed away of complications from colon cancer on August 3, 1986. Bob Jones hosts the “Make[…]

Alison Steele, “The New Groove” – 102.7 WNEW-FM New York | February 11, 1969

“You need a nice, hot, cup of coffee     Curator’s Notes: Perhaps the only thing that would make this absolutely perfect, as airchecks go, would be if it was unscoped. Technically, I could probably[…]

Jonathan Schwartz, “A Tribute To Baseball”, WNEW (AM) New York | January 31, 1988

Here’s something totally different. About four years before AM 1130 changed to Business News Radio WBBR, WNEW was programming ‘other’ things besides American Popular Standards. Jonathan Schwarz was an incredibly talented personality, and one whose[…]

Northeast Composite, 1967

  Airchexx.com pays all fees associated with storage for more than 1,600 airchecks, streaming the Airchexx Live online radio station and hosting both associated websites. Won’t you consider a gift donation to help us defray[…]

Eddy Gallagher, 97.1 WASH-FM Washington DC | Winter, 1979

Courtesy of our largest Contributor (so far), Big Apple Airchecks, here’s something people likely haven’t heard in a very long time. 97.1 WASH-FM has been doing Soft Rock, or, more properly, “Adult Contemporary” for a[…]

Gary Owens on KMPC Los Angeles | August 1, 1969 (corrected)

It’s wierd, listening to this era once again. While there is a ton of history associated with the few monster Top 40 stations of the day, such as WABC, WLS and KHJ, less is available[…]