Arnie “Woo Woo” Ginsburg, 1510 WMEX Boston | December 12, 1965

Date of Recording: 12.12.65 Station: 1510 WMEX Boston, Massachusetts Featured Air Talent: Arnie Ginsburg Aircheck Entry: 1,427 Comments: When radio listeners in Boston think of early Top 40 radio in their city, they don’t think[…]

Steve Sawyer, 1390 WCAT Orange, MA | March 28, 1983

Date of Recording: 03.28.83 Station: 1390 WCAT Orange, Massachusetts Featured Air Talent: Steve Sawyer Contributor: Steve West Airchexx Entry: 1,426 Comments: In Radio years, 1983 really wasn’t that long ago. But that was your webmaster’s[…]