Al Bandiero, 1520 WKBW Buffalo | March 1979

After searching for ten years for another aircheck of the jock who inspired your webmaster to get into radio at the age of 16, here’s Al Bandiero on the legendary WKBW Buffalo! Here’s KB Radio[…]

Bud Ballou, WKBW 1520 Buffalo | 1967

Another Frank Davis presentation… Bud Ballou would become legendary in Boston, at 1510 WMEX, then Fairbanks Communication’s WVBF in suburban Framingham. But before his stint at 105.7, Ballou was heard all up and down the[…]

Al Bandiero on WKBW 1520 Buffalo | January 28, 1979

Of all the recordings I kept over the years, only two have survived from the 70s. The first is a Chicago “Greatest Hits” cassette that I got for Christmas in 1976. The second is this[…]

Johnny Barrett on WKBW 1520 Buffalo | July 24, 1961

We don’t do it often, but the audio quality is so good on this that we have to take you back to 1961. KB really WAS the biggest thing to ever happen to Buffalo! This[…]

“Super” Shannon, WKBW Buffalo | 1976

Sounding suspiciously like Jack Armstrong (I know he’s not, but they say imitation’s the best form of flattery), motor mouth Super Shannon speeds through a 2 and a half minute scope of one of my[…]

Arnie “Woo Woo” Ginsburg, 1510 WMEX Boston | December 12, 1965

Date of Recording: 12.12.65 Station: 1510 WMEX Boston, Massachusetts Featured Air Talent: Arnie Ginsburg Aircheck Entry: 1,427 Comments: When radio listeners in Boston think of early Top 40 radio in their city, they don’t think[…]

Northeast Composite, 1967 pays all fees associated with storage for more than 1,600 airchecks, streaming the Airchexx Live online radio station and hosting both associated websites. Won’t you consider a gift donation to help us defray[…]

Al Bandiero, 92.5 WIFI Philadelphia | June, 1977

“WIFI 92 WITH THE SUMMER OF FM” Courtesy of Contributor Ellis B. Feaster! Some time ago, we were told that Al Bandiero was concentrating on his television career these days. Under what name, we aren’t[…]

The Jerry Williams Show. 1510 WMEX | April 11, 1961

The man known as “The Dean of Talk Radio” was captured on this rare recording made all the way back in 1961. The late Jerry Williams, probably the earliest controvercial talk show host in American[…]

The “Unknown DJ” on 93 KHJ Los Angeles | January 26, 1979

This mysterious aircheck is chock full of similarities and opposites. First off, compare the music playlist to another aircheck we have here from WKBW, from January 28, 1979. Nearly identical, except for the fact that[…]