Bud Ballou, WKBW 1520 Buffalo | 1967

Another Frank Davis presentation… Bud Ballou would become legendary in Boston, at 1510 WMEX, then Fairbanks Communication’s WVBF in suburban Framingham. But before his stint at 105.7, Ballou was heard all up and down the Eastern Seaboard on >WKBW AM 1520 Buffalo. […]

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Bud Ballou, 105.7 WVBF Framingham (Boston) | June, 1973

Bud Ballou was a memorable radio air personality to many in Boston, and also in Syracuse, where he worked for a long time before going to Boston. While we could go down the list of radio stations he was at, this aircheck […]

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Bud Ballou, 105.7 WVBF Framingham (Boston) | May 19, 1973

I’m starting a rumor too… except, my rumors come out true! This is a stunningly fresh aircheck of the late, great Bud Ballou on the old “Stereo 105”. Actually, in 1973, WVBF was officially known as “Electronic Mama”. Some of Boston’s best […]

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