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Ron Lundy with guest Dan Ingram, WCBS-FM 101 New York | 1984

Ingram… Lundy… Together again… kind of. The last time we heard Dan Ingram & Ron Lundy together was May 10 1982, when they shut down Musicradio 77 WABC. That was until this day in 1984 When Ron Lundy, now on WCBS-FM New […]

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Ron Lundy, 77 WABC New York | October 31, 1965

The Ron Lundy show actually starts off with Cousin Brucie doing a few breaks. As our Contributor notes, Lundy was running a bit late this date. Contributor Bob Jones writes: …a rarity with the Cuz having to work Lundy’s shift because he […]

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Ron Lundy, WABC New York | July 29, 1970

Date of Recording: 07.29.1970 Station: 770 WABC New York Format: Top 40 Featured Air Personality: Ron Lundy (WIL/WABC/WCBS-FM) (June 25, 1934 – March 15, 2010) Contributor: Big Apple Airchecks Hello Love! Original Comments: Here’s Ron Lundy at a very sold out WABC! […]

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Ross & Wilson and Ron Lundy from 11.20.1981 WABC New York Rewound 2007 Hour #1 donated by Contributor/Restorian Rob Frankel

For eight years, from 1999 to 2007, NewsTalk 77 WABC New York took one day out of the year to remember it’s historic music radio format. It was a treat for listeners, and while pre-produced by then Production Director Johnny Donovan (himself […]

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Ron Lundy, 77 WABC New York // WABC Rewound 2003

Date of Recording: May, 2003 Station: 770 WABC New York Format: News/Talk Featured Air Personality: Ron Lundy Producer: Johnny Donovan Airchexx Entry: 1,489 … Hello Love!! Comments: At one point early on in the evolution of this website, we had posted the […]

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Ron Lundy, 1430 WIL St. Louis | January 4, 1963

Date of Recording: January 4, 1963 Station: 1430 WIL St. Louis Featured Air Talent: Ron Lundy (WABC, WIL, WCBS-FM) Comments: Most remember Ron Lundy as the midday personality for most of the top 40 era at New York’s 77 WABC. As the […]

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Composite: 77 WABC New York | 1972

  First appearing on this website in 2010, it’s time for a flashback.  Audio has been gently re-mastered. The contributor for this is Paul Ford.  This is this brief composite of a day on the air at MusicRadio 77 starting with Harry […]

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Composite: New York City Morning Drive | December 21-27, 1974

Here’s a little bit of everything morning drive had to offer in NYC. It starts with Imus in the Morning on WNBC, then moves right along going back and forth between NBC, Ron Lundy on WABC (10-11 am) and Lee Douglas on […]

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The “Next To Last Aircheck” with Ross & Wilson, Final Day Musicradio 77 WABC New York | May 10 1982

  I think everyone has heard “The Last Aircheck” from the final three hours of Musicradio WABC, with Dan Ingram & Ron Lundy, before the flip to talk. I call this aircheck, the “Next To Last Aircheck. It’s the hour before the […]

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Dan Ingram FIRST SHOW, 101 WCBS-FM New York | October 19 1991

  If you grew up in the metro New York City in the 1960s, or 70s, you probably listened to Dan Ingram. He hosted afternoon drive on WABC for 20 amazing years. (He also hosted morning drive for one year, but everyone […]

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Howard Hoffman, 77 WABC New York | April 8, 1980

Date of Recording: 04.08.1980 Station: 770 (AM) WABC New York City, New York, USA Format: Top 40 Featured Air Personality: Howard Hoffman (WPIX-FM/WPRO-FM/KUAM/KMEL/KKFR/WQHT/KFRC/KMPC) Comments: 1980 was a year of change for WABC. By the end of the year the music would begin […]

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