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Charlie Greer, 77 WABC New York | October 5, 1965

Charlie Greer was one of WABC’s “All-Americans”. Branded “Channel 77”, this was the era when WABC became the dominant Top 40 station, and became legendary with its connection to The Beatles!

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Mark Simone, 77 WABC New York | July 21, 2007

For those who never heard this show, WABC added this program right after WCBS-FM dropped oldies in favor of the “Jack-FM” format, trying to capitalize on the tremendous heritage that WABC had as a music station. Mark Simone is a consummate professional, […]

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Harry Harrison, MusicRadio 77 WABC New York | August 9, 1979

      Monday morning, Harry Harrison on WABC Audio player below notes. Curator’s Notes Harry Harrison (WMCA/WABC/WCBS-FM) is the featured personality on this particular Monday morning, during a typical sounding day on the old MusicRadio 77 WABC! Sent in by our […]

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Chuck Leonard, 77 WABC New York | November 2, 1975

“WABC New York, All you Need to Win! Chuck Leonard(1) is holding court on a crisp, Fall morning on WABC! You’ll note right off that election day is coming up. Even if there wasn’t a label on the source recording, we would […]

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Ross & Wilson, 77 WABC New York | August 21, 1981

For the thoroughly modern woman there’s now something called a One Night Stand Kit… Contributor Ellis B. Feaster sent this in a few months ago, albeit in two separate parts. For the purpose of this presentation, I’ve woven the two together to […]

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Bob Lewis, 95.5 WABC-FM New York | January 10, 1970

Bob “Bobaloo” Lewis was best known as one of the “All Americans” on 77 WABC (AM). Lesser known was the fact that he was also heard on the FM side. WABC-FM 95 1/2 was a Progressive Rock station. The format was called […]

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Bruce Morrow, 77 WABC New York | May, 1969

Many remember Cousin Brucie from his days at CBS-FM. Certainly, he sounded fantastic there! Our older visitors will likely vividly remember Bruce Morrow as the evening personality at WABC. While WABC was nearly always nicely polished, Bruce Morrow’s night show was, well, […]

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Ross & Wilson and Ron Lundy from 11.20.1981 WABC New York Rewound 2007 Hour #1 donated by Contributor/Restorian Rob Frankel

For eight years, from 1999 to 2007, NewsTalk 77 WABC New York took one day out of the year to remember it’s historic music radio format. It was a treat for listeners, and while pre-produced by then Production Director Johnny Donovan (himself […]

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Composite: 77 WABC New York | 1972

  First appearing on this website in 2010, it’s time for a flashback.  Audio has been gently re-mastered. The contributor for this is Paul Ford.  This is this brief composite of a day on the air at MusicRadio 77 starting with Harry […]

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