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Robin Young, WBZ AM 1030 Boston | December, 1975

I just can’t imagine a Christmas season anywhere else but here Audio player below description Curator’s Notes: Often, I don’t quite know where to begin, in describing a particular aircheck, this being one of them.  This one has historical significance for several […]

Tagged 1030 Boston, Bruce Bradley, Carl DeSuze, Dave Maynard, Robin Young
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Frank Kingston Smith, WBZ Boston | December 28, 1979

Date of Recording: 12.28.1979 Station: 1030 WBZ Boston Format: Full Service Adult Contemporary Branding: “WBZ Radio 1030” Featured Air Personality: Frank Kingston Smith (Bobby Mitchell) (WFIL/WIBG/WICE/WRKO/WABC/WHDH/WVBF/WBZ/WRKO/WKKT/WODS) (Wikipedia) Contributor: Big Apple Airchecks Total Time: 9:48 (telescoped) Airchexx Entry: 1,545 Don Kent likes to […]

Tagged 1030 Boston, Carl DeSuze, Frank Kingston Smith, Gary LaPierre, wbz

Jerry Williams, 78 WBBM Chicago| August 12 1967

      Something a bit different. An unscoped hour of a legendary talk show host, on a legendary station, 78 WBBM Chicago. Jerry Williams was one of the originators of the 2-way talk radio format. His radio career spanned more than […]

Tagged 78, 780, Dallas Townsend, Jerry Williams, Radio

Northeast Composite, 1967 pays all fees associated with storage for more than 1,600 airchecks, streaming the Airchexx Live online radio station and hosting both associated websites. Won’t you consider a gift donation to help us defray our costs? Our income is still less […]

Tagged 1030 Boston, 1130 New York, 1190 Ft. Wayne, 1520 Buffalo, 1967

New England Radio Composite | April 1980

Curator’s Notes: This composite is a collection of various airchecks of stations in the 6 state New England region.  One of the real joys for a radio listener up there is, There are a lot of medium market stations, all within earshot of […]

Tagged 1980, Albany NY, Boston, Composite, Concord NH

Bud Ballou, 105.7 WVBF Framingham (Boston) | May 19, 1973

I’m starting a rumor too… except, my rumors come out true! This is a stunningly fresh aircheck of the late, great Bud Ballou on the old “Stereo 105”. Actually, in 1973, WVBF was officially known as “Electronic Mama”. Some of Boston’s best […]

Tagged 105.7 Boston, 105.7 Framingham, 1973, Bud Ballou, WVBF

Dick Summer, 95.5 WPLJ New York | 1973

Recording Date: 1973 (Exact Date Unknown) Station: 95.5 WPLJ (WABC-FM) New York (Wikipedia) (Website) Branded: “Rock ‘N Stereo” Format: Freeform Album Rock Ownership: The American Broadcasting Company / ABC (Current:) Cumulus Media Sister Stations: 770 WABC/WABC-TV 7 (Current:) 770 WABC/WABC-TV 7/94.7 WNSH/103.9 […]

Tagged 95.5 New York, Dick Summer, WPLJ

Frank Kingston Smith, 105.7 WVBF Framingham (Boston) | August 15, 1978

Recording Date: 08.15.1978 Station: 105.7 WVBF (defunct) Framingham Ma (Wikipedia) Format: Top 40 Branded: “F-105” Ownership: Fairbanks Communications Featured Air Personality: Frank Kingston Smith (Bobby Mitchell at WRKO) Contributor: Big Apple Airchecks Total Time: 17:00 (Telescoped) Aircheck #1,581 F-105 Carly and James. […]

Tagged 105.7 Boston, 105.7 Framingham, Frank Kingston Smith, Joe Giotta, WVBF

The Rock Radio Reunion with Tai, 105.7 WROR Framingham/Boston | September 20, 2002 – 2:00pm

Among the Rock DeeJays of Boston radio, Mark Parenteau, Harvey Wharfield (WVBF, WCOZ, WAAF) and others took to the WROR microphones, telling stories of what it was like to be an album rock jock in the 60s, 70s and 1980s.

Tagged 104.1 Boston, 105.7 Framingham, 2002, Jeff Lehman, Tai