Alan Beebe on KMJC El Cajon “Magic 91” | Spring 1977

910 El Cajon KMJC

This aircheck comes to us from Alan Beebe via Matt at Big Apple Airchecks. As the story goes, Beebe gave it to Matt a couple of years ago, and Matt is resending it back to Beebe (and us) since he lost everything in his aircheck collection in Hurricane Katrina. Someone else to remember in your prayers for hurricane victims.

About this aircheck… While we have a couple of samples of ‘Magic 91’ on this site, not much explanation of the station itself. According to Alan Beebe (through Matt), KMJC was programmed by Kevin Metheny (who later went, with Beebe, to WNBC New York). ‘Magic 91’ apparently was rather short lived, on the air about four years total.