Angela Jordan, 105.7 KMCK Fayetteville Ar | January 9, 2002

…Power 105.7 is the Number ONE Hit Music Station!

As is every other CHR formatted station in the nation, at least these days. Power 105.7 here is live. This aircheck kicks off with an imaging bed, and Chris Baker doing a remote broadcast from Lakeland Marine and the 13th Annual Boat Show. He implores you to go on down. Don’t forget to pick up some station swag.

Then its on to Angela Jordan and the jingles and sweepers of Power 105.7… with a bit of scoped out music thrown in for good measure.

I kinda poke fun at modern CHR stations. They are so predictable that most jocks who have been in the business very long could almost recite word for word what the jocks are going to say next. But while I poke fun, I’ll point out this this IS a live show, in a place where it could easily be voice tracked. Jordan even takes requests!

Overall, this is a pretty exciting station. And yes, they really DO play ALL THE HITS. A bit of Hip Hop, some Alternative, some mainstream Pop… listen and judge by what you hear, how their playlist must have been in 2002. Chances are, you’ll enjoy this slice of KMCK, “Power 105.7”!

105.7 Fayetteville Ar KMCK Power 105.7 Angela Jordan Chris Baker

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