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If you haven’t heard this aircheck before, you’re definitely in for a treat. Memphians know that Rick Dees was a huge star at WHBQ around the time of this aircheck. And if you think he was good there, put Dees in the same studio as Charlie Van Dyke and you have a trainwreck… or the funniest morning show ever in Boss-Angeles (oops, sorry.. wrong era).

This is vintage KHJ from 1976. Rick Dees’s Disco Duck record is number one in Los Angeles, and apparently doing a tour of RKO stations to promote it. Obviously someone in Southern California was listening this day and remembered several years later when Dees took over mornings at KIIS.

Van Dyke is definitely right on top of his game here.


By Steve West

Steve West is a 41 year veteran of broadcasting. His air work as a Jock and News Anchor includes six radio markets and over two-dozen radio stations. Steve is the founder of Airchexx.com and Hitoldies.net - All the BIG Hits!

15 thoughts on “Charlie Van Dyke with Rick Dees on 93 KHJ Los Angeles | 1976”
  1. Charlie Van Dyke’s voice is seemingly everywhere. One of my favorites is his narration of TM Productions’ “YOU” jingle demo. The demo features
    KHJ jingles including the classic “Charlie Van Dyke, you, and 93 KHJ!” He may still be the “TV VOICE” of WAVY-TV-10 in the Norfolk market. For those not in the know, this gentleman represents
    the very best of broadcast personality radio.

  2. Charlie Van Dyke used to announce for KMGH in Denver from 1985 or ’86 until around 1993 or ’94, then he went to KUSI in San Diego where he continues to announce for that station today. He has also announced sign-offs, sign-ons, station ID’s, and program promos for other TV stations in the United States, such as WLKY-TV in Louisville, Kentucky, for whom he announced during the same time he announced for KMGH-TV.

  3. The greatest voices of RKO Radio were Bill Drake, Robert W. Morgan, and Charlie Van Dyke. I say this as someone who grew up in L.A. listening to KHJ and had a dream to join RKO which was fulfilled as morning anchor of the RKO Radio Network.

  4. Charlie Van Dyke’s voice is one of the very best. One of my favorites is his promos for NFL Sunday on FOX Network (just a few years ago!) Mitch Craig is yet another former on-air radio guy/programmer turned voice guy/producer! Through the years Mitch has voiced and produced for many of the top radio stations. From the worst to first days of Z100/NY..to the launch of Pirate Radio/LA..and KMEL/SF..from B96/Chicago..to V103/Atlanta and XL1067/Orlando and many many frequencies in between. Clients represented in most every format as well as numerous tv stations. All across the USA and Canada and countries around the world from Russia..to Sweden…to Japan and Korea.

  5. Since the KIRO 1984 News theme was only heard in Seattle & Syracuse, no other stations outside of those 2 cities used that theme otherwise they could of used Charlie Van Dyke’s voiceover. It was never used by any affiliates of NBC. See Southern Media’s News Music Search Archive & you’ll see what i mean.

    1. The KIRO 1984 News Theme was used by WIXT(now WSYR-TV)in Syracuse as well as KIRO 7 itself here in Seattle. BTW, Van Dyke even voices WBTV/3 in Charlotte, N.C., which like KIRO happens to be an affiliate of CBS.

    2. Had any NBC affiliates outside of Seattle or Syracuse used the KIRO 1984 News Theme, perhaps they could had Mr. NBC himself, the late Danny Dark could of done the announcing over that theme music.

  6. Well, Casey Kasem died today. I even remember when he(Van Dyke) would fill in for him(CK)on American Top-40. He(Charlie Van Dyke)would introduce Bob Rondeau on the Univ. of Washington Football broadcasts on KOMO Radio in Seattle in 1983.

  7. Charlie was prominently featured as the image voice for KRTH (K-Earth 101) in Los Angeles. As that station has shifted to more of an 80s sound, they have lessened Charlie’s role in favor of Joe Cipriano (the voice of the Fox and CBS networks). Really a shame, as Charlie has one of the best voices in media. Nothing against Joe. You can still hear Charlie used in the top of the hour openings, with his famous “broadcasting from the entertainment capitol of the world” moniker but that’s about it.

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