Art Roberts, 101.1 WKQX Chicago | 1979

Art Roberts WLS WKQX
1966 WLS Photo

Lets see what mischief we can find to get you into…

Curator’s Notes:

First off, I hope you enjoy the new format.  Less clutter, more airchexx!!  Just the way we like em.

Second, who doesn’t think Art Roberts possesses the voice of GOD on this aircheck?  Without a doubt, Art sounds perfect for this NBC O%O Adult Contemporary station.  You gotta go WAY back now, to 1979.  Was it really THAT long ago?

The hits of the day include “So Into You”,  “Love Is Fine”, “Angel Baby”, “After the Love is Gone” and more.  Telescoped out for legal reasons, of course. But this surely WILL bring back some wonderful memories!

Contributor: Tom Lacko  (from a LONG time ago!)


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  1. Gary Kerns

    WKQX is now co-owned with WLS (Cumulus Media). At 0:55, Art commented that it cost his friend (and everybody else, I guess) more money to take off the weight than it did to put it on.

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