Charlie Van Dyke & Mark Elliot, 93/KHJ Los Angeles | June 18, 1976

Courtesy of BigAppleAirchecks, here’s a wonderful taste of 93/KHJ during the Charlie Van Dyke era. KHJ is full of excitement and personality oozes out of the very pores of this radio station. Outside of the Drake era, it really didn’t get much […]

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The Greaseman, WWDC-FM DC101 Washington | March 11, 1988

Its The Greaseman (Doug Tracht) in all his glory! This was recorded by Matt, owner of Big Apple Airchecks, who also recorded this aircheck of Grease on 3/30/88. The topic du jour is teens who date older women – at least that’s […]

Tagged 1988, Doug Tracht, greaseman, Washington DC

Chuck Knapp, 68 WRKO Boston | August, 1967

WRKO in 1967… the call letters scream Bill Drake, but in this aircheck, the signature Drake sound, and jingles, are not there. In fact, when WRKO launched, in March of ’67, the station launched without the talents of the talented consultant. You’ll […]

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Red Robinson Final Broadcast, 1130 CKWX Vancouver BC | November 12, 1984

CKWX & CFUN broadcasting legend Red Robinson retires after 30 years. This is full of surprise in studio and call in guests as the broadcast community of Western Canada and the Northwest US say farewell. Robinson was allowed to break format on […]

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Ingrid Schumacher, CHUM-FM Toronto | November 29, 1980

Here’s a unique recording of 104.5 CHUM-FM from back in the days when the station was an Album Rocker. Ingrid Schumacher is listed on Rock Radio Scrapbook as being a weekend personality. She sounds very knowledgeable about the music and fits in […]

Tagged 1980, Ingrid Schumacher

Early Progressive FM Radio Sampler – KZAP Sacramento, KSAN San Francisco | 1968

This is an odd aircheck, at least the master was. Lots of album cuts, all very heavy progressive rock from 1968. Forget everything you’ve ever heard about how the jocks sounded in this era, this is the real deal. They sound stoned, […]

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Tom Prestigiacomo with Bill Bailey, 79 WAKY Louisville #5 | Summer, 1978

This begins with an old-fashioned shift-turnover featuring the legendary ‘Duke of Louisville’ himself, Bill Bailey talking about the previous weekend’s “Battle of the Stars” competition between area media. Sounds like there was lots of fun, and plenty of Bailey’s snarky sense of […]

Tagged 1978, Bill Bailey, Louisville, Tom Prestigiacomo

Tom Prestigiacomo, 79 WAKY Louisville #4 | Summer, 1978

More blazing Summer fun from ‘Wacky 79’! Tom Prestigiacomo was nice enough to donate this series of airchecks of his time at WAKY – actually, as I recall, I had to pry them, as Tom is as humble as he is nice. […]

Tagged 1978, Louisville, Tom Prestigiacomo

Tom Prestigiacomo, 79 WAKY Louisville#3 | 1978

“We ring our bell every half our so you’ll know when to turn to prevent sunburn”. Obviously a Summer ‘check, here’s my friend Tom P. on WAKY Radio. 790 was obviously THE station to turn to for Summer fun in Kentuckyana. Be […]

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Roby Yonge, 105.9 WAXY-FM Miami | July 7, 1985

There are few recordings of Roby Yonge from the days after his firing from WABC New York for breaking format with his “The Beatle Paul is Dead” announcements. However, Yonge was a successful on-air Deejay in Miami for many years after the […]

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